Lavan Martin Assisted Living Facility
Atmore, AL
The Lavan Martin Assisted Living Facility is a 60,000 square foot complex boasting 34 rooms, dining, kitchen, coffee shop, entertainment areas, business center, laundry facilities, and quilting room. Precise & detailed scheduling was utilized to accommodate the fast-track construction to complete the project on time while ongoing value analysis and design continued to the end of the project. The 20 acre site was also completed as part of this project. The structure consists of shallow foundations, conventional slab-on-grade, structural steel, and heavy timber trusses with a stone & brick veneer. The heavy timber trusses, interior stone work, and high-end finishes create a unique living environment. The project was completed as a Joint Venture with White-Spunner Construction, lnc.

Sherlock Smith & Adams LLC

Atmore, AL

Square Footage