Accident prevention and safety are of primary importance in all phases of operation and administration within Rolin Construction. Our top management is dedicated to providing safe, healthy working conditions, and we make a commitment to requiring and establishing safe practices at all times for and by both our employees and subcontractors.

No job or service performed by our company is so important that safety is sacrificed. Our entire team is dedicated to producing the safest possible work environment at each job site. We are known for our ability to complete projects with tight schedules while ensuring all compliance, OSHA regulations, quality and permitting regulations are met.

Since 2012, Rolin Construction has maintained an excellent safety record with an average experience modification rate (EMR) of .85.

Our Safety Program includes the following:

  • Employee training

  • Communications (e.g. current safety news and activities, signs, posters)

  • Regular employee and safety committee meetings

  • Pre-construction planning meetings

  • Accident reporting and investigation procedures

  • First aid/CPR trained personnel

  • Hazard Communication Program

  • Job Site Safety Inspection checklist

  • Emergency Action plans

  • Drug testing

  • Participating in Alabama Safe State Program

  • Job Safety Analysis

  • Zero Tolerance Policies